Looking Inside Lonliness

Looking inside loneliness. Trying not to feel the pain.  Even though unbearable.  Very hard to escape.

Sadness overwhelming. Trying to stop the pain.  loneliness hurts the heart from feelings of joy.

There are several ways to ease through loneliness.  Even as tough and painful as it is. When you feel alone and no one understands the loneliness you feel you can take care of yourself to feel good again.

Take care of yourself : Don’t use drugs.  Don’t binge eat. Don’t drink.  These three things will make your loneliness feel good temporarily but once you do them you will immediately  think worse of yourself.

Care for your body: I know is easy for someone on the outside to give you all of the advice in the world but I have experienced it.  And through the pain making yourself comfortable and feel good really does help. It is hard and it hurts but it helps.

Always be kind to others: The person standing in front of you could be feeling the same kind of loneliness you are.  They might have learned to deal with it different. Kindness goes a long way at making someone feel good.  You can tell by the look on their face if it radiates how from the kindness you have shown them.

loneliness is empty and painful.  We all experience it at some point in it our lives.  Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others.  You might just be surprised how much it can really help your loneliness storm calm