Blogging For Money Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Blogging for money is not a get rich quick scheme. Blogging for money takes many months if not years to be successful. To be successful blogging for money you must constantly focus on consistency and writing content that readers want to read.

In two months it will be 3 years since I started my first website.  I started out writing on google blogger for about 6 months before I purchased my own domain names and set up my websites to start blogging for money.

In the very beginning I made pennies.  My very first month I made around 7 dollars.  This lasted for a couple of months and then my income moved up to 20 dollars a month.  The first year was frustrating and I thought many times of giving up on my dreams of making a good income blogging for money.

One thing about me that is different from a lot of others is I don’t give up on anything I set my mind to. I knew that blogging for money was not a get rich quick scheme where I would make thousands every month in the first year. I knew it would take lots of writing good articles with content readers would like to read about.

I have written a lot of garbage that I would not even read myself in the very beginning when I first started to blog.  I deleted those posts because basically they were garbage and I knew I would starve if I expected anyone to read my very first posts. Since the very beginning I have cleaned up my writings to fit my personality more.

So I am almost going on my 3rd year of blogging and it has only been the past 8 months that my income has started to rise every month to where it actually makes a difference in my life. I have always made a few hundred here and there but now it is consistent and only going higher and higher.

For anyone who wants to start blogging for money they need to realize that patience pays and it will take a couple of years of writing good content and building up your websites to be successful. You must work hours and hours on your blog to make it successful and get it in the search engines so people can find what you write.

It is possible to be successful blogging for money and I am living proof of that. The more money I make the more I want to work hard and keep the momentum of my blogs full forward.

Blogging is fun.  You can be successful blogging.