Lonliness Stages

loneliness can happen to anyone at any time without notice. Your life can be going great and then this deep heavy feeling comes over your body.

There are stages of loneliness. They are not all the same but the emptiness inside your body is trying to cope and fill in the void.

loneliness and lonely thoughts are usually temporary but sometimes they can last a while.

One of several signs of loneliness is feeling empty and without a purpose. Sadness and depression can accompany loneliness with negative thoughts.

Another sign of loneliness is feeling alone and isolated. It is a hard feeling on the heart to feel isolated and wanting the things you miss so much that gives you drive, purpose and happiness.

loneliness is an unpleasant feeling that could lead to anxiety and depression if not resolved or stopped a person can give up hope.

We all need companionship and love. It is our hearts most valued desire. But, we must need someone who cares about us and our feelings. Someone who put us first and gives us the desire and attention we need and deserve. The only problem with this is you cannot make someone love you or care for you. They genuinely must want you in their life.

Using others you don’t really care about just to have them around is cruel and evil. Do we deserve cruel evil people in our lives? That answer is no.