I Was Not A Fool Blogging For Money

If I go back and read my original blog notes I took on what I wanted to call my websites and what I wanted to write about or blog about on each one it all sounds completely crazy.  I never said a word to anyone and kept my blogging a secret.  In fact I stayed anonymous for over a year and then I decided to tell people about what I wrote about and blogged about.  I was told I was wasting my time and only a few make it blogging for money.

Those people were so wrong. The first year blogging I was probably making a penny a post.  But, the amazing thing is I never wanted to give up.  I kept writing blog content and writing blog content.  Some of my blogging content was and is pathetic and I cannot go back and read what I blogged about but I don’t take it down.  I leave it up so others can read it.  I especially leave up the stories where I thought I was in love or the guy was just using me.  Seems people like reading about other people’s pain and misery.

The only thing not fun about blogging is when you are dating 3 guys at once and write about it then two of them find out.  That was not a fun blogging experience but hey, dating is dating in my eyes. Once people started sending me emails asking me questions I knew I had some interested in what I wanted to say.

I was told so many times by my friends and family I would never make a cent spending all my time on my computer writing and that no one would care what blogging content  I wrote about.  This was not true. I did start making money and once I reached over the 100 dollar threshold I took pictures of the check and statement and showed everyone. Of course my friends would say it’s only a hundred dollars, big deal.  Well, when my check started getting over two hundred and over three hundred I finally had people start realizing I was serious and was not going to give up blogging ever.

In less than 5 months it will be 3 years since my very first blog.  I now have 15 domain names and I write anonymously on a few of them now due to all the stalkers I was getting on one of my websites I blogged on but the rest are public and as long as people like to read my blogging content I will keep writing.

I won’t say how much money I am making blogging but I will say I have made enough these past 6 months to go to Disney World and Hawaii so if nothing else I’m getting some great vacations that I would not have otherwise taken. I don’t use my blogging money to live.  I actually have a full-time job but I do use my blogging money to do some fun things I otherwise would not be able to do. I shop a lot also online and love buy make up.

So my motto is never give up on anything you think you can do. If you want to blog and try to make money go for it.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is silly and you will fail. Failure is not an option and I’m heading to Hawaii in two months with money I made from blogging alone so I am living proof that it can be done. So start blogging.