He Always Stares At You But Doesn't smile

When a man constantly stares at a woman without smiling it can mean a couple of different things.

The first thing it could mean is he is married or taken and he is just so smitten with your beauty he cannot help himself but stare at you.  He knows that smiling will give you the wrong idea especially if he is taken or married. Men are visual creatures and sometimes when they see a woman they find attractive they cannot help but stare or gaze at her.

The second thing it could mean is the guy is staring at you to lure you into noticing him. He is probably staring at you to see how you will react to him and if you will smile at him or not. He is probably smitten with your beauty and wants to get to know you and if you are approachable.

If a man always stares at you without smiling it usually means he is trying to get a reaction out of you to see if you are interested in him or not. He wants to see how you act and if you keep looking at him. He might hold his gaze on you even when he knows you see him.  He is trying to figure out if you are uncomfortable or not.Alwaysone

Alpha men will stare at a woman and not look away to draw her in to his little mystery world. A man who always stares at you but doesn’t smile wants to see if you constantly look back at him. If you constantly look at the man who always stares at you but doesn’t smile he knows he is luring you into his world. He knows you are noticing him and thinking about him and this is what he wants. A man cannot get into your head and thoughts if you don’t know he exists.

If you keep noticing a man always staring at you but doesn’t smile he has succeeded in getting your attention. Alpha men will do this to a woman they are interested in. Alpha men are dominant and not insecure.  They want you to notice them. If a man is always staring at you but doesn’t smile he most definitely likes you or thinks your beautiful.

If a man knows you notice him he knows he is in your thoughts.  He knows you will be thinking about him and wondering what he is doing or up to. Men who always stare but don’t smile want you to think about him and wonder what he is doing.

If a man is really interested in you and wants to date you or get to know you he wants you to think about him constantly and only him. He wants you wondering about him and why he is always staring at you but doesn’t smile.

A man will not always stare at you if he is not interested in you in some way whether it be he is smitten by your beauty or he wants to get to know you better.