Earning Money Blogging

Earning money blogging is not hard if you have the drive and desire to succeed. Earning money blogging is most definitely possible but it won’t happen over night.  It takes a good 6 months to a year before you actually see good results blogging for money.

Your blog needs to get established and you need to get followers who are interested in what you are passionate writing about.

When I first started blogging I was not sure what to write about.  I decided I would start writing about dating after divorce.  It was a miserable year writing about all the negative situations I experienced dating after divorce.

I wrote some pretty stupid stuff as far as I was concerned and my goal at that time was not earning money blogging.  My goal was to write about my experiences dating after divorce.

As I was writing I started getting people coming to my blog.  I did not have AdSense on my websites at this point so I started looking up how to make money blogging.  When I searched for how to make money blogging I had a couple of great websites come up and I read and reread those websites.  I also printed out all the pages and carried them with me.

I ran across an article on  how to earn money blogging.  This earning money blogging article stated how to sign up for AdSense and make money with posting AdSense ads on my websites.

I thought well this is easy.  I can write and it seems that people are interested in what I write so I might as well try to make a few dollars blogging what comes natural to me.emb

One of the things about earning money blogging is it won’t get you rich quick.  In fact it took me almost two years of constant writing and never giving up to actually start making enough money for it to mean anything.  I also never wanted to give up. When I set my mind to something I keep doing it until it is accomplished or completed.

For the first year I only made a couple hundred dollars, maybe a little more.  It was enough to cover my website costs and that was about it.  I had spent hours and hours writing and trying to figure out how to set up websites and how to place ads.  It was a very big  headache in the beginning.

The thing with blogging for money or earning money from blogging is to never give up.  To be successful it takes months to get good.  You need to find a niche’ you enjoy and just go with it.  I was writing about the dumbest stuff in the beginning.  I always watched which pages got the most hits and rolled with what I had written that people liked.  From that point I just kept writing and writing.

It is now a few years later and I write about many things I am passionate about. I love writing.  I love blogging. Earning money while blogging is an added benefit to what I already like doing.

Perseverance and never giving up  is the only way to be successful earning money blogging.  It  takes months and sometimes years to be a successful blogger.  The key point is never giving up no matter what.