Never Stop Blogging For Success

Never stop blogging for success.  To be successful at blogging you must never give up writing.  Writing something is better than not writing anything at all.

In order to make money blogging with google AdSense you must come up with good strong content.  Content is king in the leadership of blogging.

To be successful with google AdSense you must write stories that people want to continuously read.  Finding your unique niche is what is important to be a successful blogger.

Everyone has something they know or do that others would like to know about or hear. This is what makes a successful blogger.

When I first started blogging I was writing about my life dating after divorce. After I went back and read what I wrote I realize how pathetic I sounded.  It really did not matter that I sounded pathetic.  Other people liked reading my pathetic stories about dating.

After a few months of writing I signed up for google AdSense because I decided if I was going to write about my crappy dating life after divorce I might as well make some money doing it.

I never thought I would make a cent but my very first month I made over seven dollars.  It was not much but I knew that if I just kept writing eventually with the google AdSense I would keep making more and more money.

I eventually started to expand my blogging and started writing about the things I was most passionate about.  I kind of gave up writing about the dating blog I had originally started but I never closed it down and I left all my lousy writings up.  Every time I went back and read what I wrote I wanted to drown myself in a mud puddle.  I was very embarrassed about what I had written.  I just looked the other way since others were interested in my misery I was writing about.

In fact I even had guys emailing me to keep writing about my dating experiences because they were so bad. I was writing anonymously at the time because I was so embarrassed about what I was writing. But, I was still making money every month with google AdSense so I left the blog up and to this day it is still up.

In order to be successful you must keep writing and blogging.  You can never give up.  Blogging is not a get rich scheme and I have been blogging for over 2 years now.  Every month I see my success grow and grow more and more.  At this point I will never give up and I will only keep writing more unique stories that people will want to read.Youmustkeep blogging

Blogging for money and success is possible.  Making money with google AdSense is possible. The only possible way to make money and be successful is never give up.  It will take many months to get an audience and get your content out there to be read but it is possible.

I am living proof that money can be made with blogging and joining google AdSense.

Keep blogging and never give up.  Failure is not an option to be successful at blogging.  Neither is procrastination.  Just write write write until you heart is content and your story is told.

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